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Design of Elements


Memorial Fonts

There are 2 primary elements to consider when choosing your fonts. The first is the style of font itself, and the second is the font finish. Here is a list of some of the most popular memorial fonts, but original fonts can actually be created if that is something you would choose to have.



Memorial Font Finishes

It may be necessary to see actual examples to clearly understand the differences among the various font finishing style. Here are a few of the most popular.


Standard text cut into the stone.

The letters are carved with a standard V-Cut, while the stone immediately surrounding each letter is polished to a shine. Typically there is a frosted panel surrounding the text which makes the polished edge "pop" from contrast.

Skin Sunk
The letters are formed by "skinning away the polished granite" which provides a contrasting natural stone finish. This process is also know as Frosting.

The letters are formed by Frosting/Skinning the polished granite while sandblasting a V-cut outline around each letter.

the letters remain polished granite while the surrounding stone is frosted for contrast with a V-cut outline around each letter.

the letters are V-Cut into the granite and then the surrounding edges of each letter is frosted against a polished background.



For greater contrast between lettering, carvings and the surrounding stone, there is a process called tinting, which is similar to painting the stone with a silver, black, gold, tint.

Most Memorialists have catalogues of hundreds if not thousands of different artworks that can be carved into the stone. From nature settings, to hobbies, to military insignia, trade emblems, religious symbols, animals, vehicles and more... There is bound to be a perfect graphic to honor your loved one. Here are just a tiny representation of what can be done.



Images can be inset into the memorial on durable, non-fading ceramic tiles.
Ceramic Tiles
A fantastic alternative to sand-carved memorials are laser etchings on black granite. Choose an image from an extensive library or have a custom setting created for you.


Did your loved one have a favorite biblical verse, stanza of poetry, or song lyric? Did they have a catch-phrase that all who knew them would attribute as their motto? Not all memorials bear epitaphs... but in choosing the perfect monument for your loved one it may be an absolute necessity. Some ideas follow:

Not Lost To Memory. Not Lost To Love. But Gone To Our Father's House Above.

Step Softly, An Angel Lies Here.

Your Love Will Light My Way: Your Memory Will Forever Be With Me.

To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind - Is Not To Die.

Those Who Knew Him Could Not Help But Love Him.

God Grant Him Eternal Rest.

Life's Duty Finished, She Sweetly Rests

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart, For They Shall See God

I Have Fought The Good Fight, I Have Finished The Course, I Have Kept The Faith
Just Resting... Until We Meet Again

Got 'Er Done!

I'd Rather Be (insert hobby)

You Ought To See The View From Up Here!

In The Arms Of Angels

Live * Laugh * Love

We Lived Life To The Fullest With No Regrets

What A Beautiful Difference One Life Made

Earth Has No Sorrow Heaven Cannot Heal

I'm Home Again...Waiting For Y'all

If It Takes Forever I Will Wait For You

Godspeed My Love