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We Can Create a Wide Variety of Granite Memorial Markers in
Different Sizes, Colors and Styles.

Some of the granite markers we have in stock today include:

  • Companion markers
  • Single markers
  • Beveled markers
  • Companion Bevel
  • Single Bevel
  • Slant markers

You can trust the experienced professionals at Design Memorial Stone Service to be sensitive and caring in your time of grief. We understand that purchasing a granite monument for a loved one can be a devastating time, but we are here to help you and guide you through the process. We have been manufacturing granite markers here in northwest Ohio for more than 30 years and we can work with you to make this time a little easier.


Granite Companion Markers

companion grave marker

grave marker

companion grave marker

At Design Memorial Stone Service, we have the largest inventory of granite monuments, granite markers and benches in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Our experienced professionals manufacture our granite monuments and granite markers right here in our Maumee, Ohio, facility. We perform diamond and laser etching services as well as custom engraving on natural stone products and final date cemetery lettering.

Granite Single Markers

single grave marker individual grave marker
Granite Beveled Markers

beveled grave marker

Companion Bevel

beveled marker

Single Bevel


Granite Slant Markers
slant grave marker slanted grave marker
slant marker slanted marker


At Design Memorials in Maumee, Ohio we understand that purchasing a tombstone requires thoughtful consideration during a difficult time. Our goal is to help you create a tombstone memorial that will capture the essence of the person it is meant to remember. We want you and your family to be pleased with this lasting tribute to your loved one.

At Design Memorials we have:

  • Single upright tombstone markers
  • Flat tombstone markers
  • Tombstone signs
  • Double upright tombstones
  • Tombstone sculptures
  • Granite tombstone flats and pillows
  • Tombstone benches
We can supply a variety of granite and marble tombstone products according to client's requirements. European, American, Japanese style tombstones, Korean tombstones and so on in a variety of finishes, such as bush-hammered paving stones, and curbstones are available. You will find only our most popular models of cemetery granite tombstone and memorials plaques in granite and marble. We can generate various styles of the tombstone for such as pet tombstones. We manufacture and supply you with newest style tombstone. Design Memorials is a leading professional manufacturer of various granite and marble tombstone (headstone, gravestone), monument, memorial and correlative products, such as upright monument (headstone), curb set gravestone, grave marker, pillow, slant, sign, curb surrounding, vase, post, etc. We can make any custom design with various styles, sizes, colors and processing finishes. We assure our tombstone and monument products are of excellent workmanship with high material quality.

Design Memorials offers clients great prices on tombstones. The average cost of a tombstone is $2,000 to $3,000. We understand it is a difficult time and we are a tombstone company that cares.